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Reconditioned Hardware

Thanks to our relationship with Dell’s data agents, we’re proud to offer the very best in reconditioned laptops, desktops, monitors and peripherals.

The typical lifecycle of one of our machines versus a classical “second hand” machine is as follows:

AMR Machine Second Hand Machine
Manufacturer sells to client Manufacturer sells to retailer
Client’s employer uses for work Retailer sells to customer
Manufacturer buys back after three years Customer uses unrestricted
Manufacturer sells to Data Agent Customer sells to retailer
Data Agent cleanses and tests machine Retailer sells to secondary customer
Data Agent sells to AMR -

There are many differences between our reconditioned machines and “second hand” machines.

Our machines have the following advantages:

  • our machines have had anti-virus software installed throughout their lives (second hand machines often don’t)
  • our machines have had restrictions on what software has been installed on them and software can only be installed by the client’s IT department (software machines have no such restrictions and can often contain malware, spyware and other viruses as a result)
  • our machines have been maintained and serviced by IT professionals throughout their lives (second hand machines are often used by unqualified people)
  • our machines have had their faulty components replaced by the manufacturer as part of a service agreement (second hand machines are often not in 100% working order due to the expense of buying replacement parts)
  • our machines are fully wiped and tested before being resold to us (second hand shops often act as an interim retailer and don’t test any of the hardware they receive and sell on)

We are so proud of our hardware equipment that we offer a one year guarantee to our clients.

Again, second hand shops offer no such guarantee. We have a trusted relationship with both our suppliers and our clients and we constantly work very hard to preserve our reputation.