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Reconnaissance report from recent trip to Colombia

One of AMR’s key directors, Ben Dimech, returned from Colombia in mid January and uncovered a depth of opportunity. Colombia is one of the most rapidly developing countries on the planet and every indigenous company is vying to prove its worth on the global stage.

During the month-long stint, Ben discovered an abundance of coffee farms and agricultural exporters but among those was an exciting new product called Bestevia. It’s an all-new 100% natural sweetener that was approved for consumption by the EU in November 2011. In the UK, we have an abundance of artificial sweeteners such as Canderel, Splenda and Hermesetas but the British palate is demanding more. We were excited by the product and are currently pitching to the UK marketplace throughout 2012.

The Colombians are an ambitious people and as such, more and more young Columbians are sourcing affordable hardware to get online and create their digital work. But new hardware in Colombia is restrictively expensive with an average laptop costs a month’s wages. Also, there’s no market for second hand hardware as it’s considered problematic so we’re exporting our reconditioned hardware to our very own retail shop in Colombia and creating a market that didn’t exist before.  To read more about our reconditioned hardware, click here.

For more information on this project and others, please email us at info@amrtrading.co.uk